Projects Completed

John Saunders
New House for J Saunders

Shetland Construction & Developments Limited completed this full house build, which was also to be employed as a holiday let, within four months, from start to fnish, very much to the satisfaction of Mr. & Mrs. John Saunders. This first client has confirmed that he "...would be delghted to provide a glowing reference..." to any prospective customer.

For holiday let enquiries and bookings, contact Joanne Saunders <>

The two bedroomed cottage is heated with electric storage and panel radiators; however, the insulation specification makes the house relatively efficient and inexpensive to heat.

Terry Holmes

We completed the manufacture, supply and erection of a very grand garden shed/summer house. We are delightd to say that our client, Mr. & Mrs.Terry  Holmes, were so pleased with the result, that they commissioned us to provide further landscaping works, [paving and cattle grid]. 

Colin & Jan Mackie

The 1.1/2 storey house, for Mr. & Mrs. Colin Mackie, was also completed within a four month timescale. Shetland Construction & Developments Limted. carried out most of the works, however, Mr. Dennis Leask [father of the bride] & Mr. George Kerr [close family friend] carried out all of the plumbing, heating and electrical installation works, together with the upper floor first and second fix joinery works. S.C. & D. Ltd is more than happy to accommodate our client wishes to employ external artisans [Dennis will undoubtedly approve of that description]. The client was particularly pleased with the speed of the project, and Mr. Leask, who closely monitored the project, on behalf of his daughter, confirmed that he would be very happy to recommend our company to any prospective customer.

We completed the sub-structure elements of proposed extensions and garage, for an existing house at Gulberwick. This was carried out together with the harling of an existing retaining wall, for Mr. Cole.

We also completed a one room [Utility] extension, together with the installation of a new kithen, for Mrs. Sheena Summers, at Mossbank.


Alstair Arthur & Mellany Gorman
Mellany and Alistair,s

We were asked, by Mr. Alistair Arthur & Ms. Mellany Gorman, to carry out the sub-structure works and erect the house kit that they had purchased from a mainland supplier, at their house site at Out Skerries. We, at S.C. & D. Ltd., were delighted to oblige and were able to carry out this work very much to the client's satisfaction. As Mellany was expectant at the time, and in order to ensure that the house would be ready for the new arrival, we were, subsequently, requested to carry out the interior first fix works as well. Mother, baby and new house are all doing well. Congratulations from us all.

S.C. & D. Ltd. also managed to fit in the manufacture, supply and erection of a new garden shed for Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williams. It may have been a relatively small project, however, we treat all projects with the same level of respect and attention. It was very pleasing to receive a complimentary note from our client - "many thanks for a great job".

Laurie Laurenson

In August, we commenced a new house and detached garage build for Mr. & Mrs. Laurie Laurenson, at Houlland, Sandwick. The timescale was fairly tight, as the client was extremely keen to be in his new house before Christmas. The pressure on the project programme was increased by the client's desire to incorporate an attached sun porch, within the construction programme, which had not been part of the original contract. We are glad to say that, even with the delays which occurred as a result of the additional wait for Planning Consent and Building Warrant, this did not prevent our client from acheiving his deadline. [albeit by the ''skin of his teeth'']. External works, which had been delayed by adverse weather conditions over the festive period, have all been completed.

Drew Cromarty

At the beginning of December 2010, we commenced the construction of two new houses at North Roe, for Mr. Drew Cromarty. The project was hampered, a little, at sub-structure stage, by inclement weather; however, the full development was satisfactorily completed, and handed over, in June 2011. Tennants have moved in and the feedback, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, has been extremely good.

John Weston

In March 2011, we commenced work on a new house build for Mr. John Weston, at Wester Quarff. Initially, our contract was to complete the sub-structure works and the manufacture and erection of a timber framed house kit to a wind and watertight stage. Mr. Weston was so happy with our performance, that he asked us to carry on and complete the first fix joiner work. This was subsequently amended further when Mr. Weston asked us to complete some of the joinery elements of the second fix works. We have now been asked to return to the project to complete the external drainage and site works, including steps, ramps and decking work.

Mr. Weston has been so pleased with the association, he has intimated that he might be interested in developing one of our sites at the Heathery Park development.

David & Valerie McMillan

In June, we commenced work on a new house build for Mr. & Mrs. David McMillan, in Out Skerries. We discovered, very early in the project, that the McMillans had elected to build their house on the best section of top soil on the whole of the islands. Sub-structure excavations were in excess of 2.7m before a suitable bearing strata was reached. From that point, progress was fairly predictable and the house was completed to a wind and watertight stage by mid September.

We returned to Out Skerries at the end of October, to complete the installation of the ground floor under-floor heating installation.

Whilst we were in Out Skerries, we completed a small project for Mr. & Mrs. Gibbie Arthur. We replaced existing rainwater goods, fascia, barge and sofft boards with new white PVC products. Exprience of working in the Out Skerries tells us that it is important to challenge the unpredictability of the local weather by carrying out as much work as can be done while weather permits.

Jim & Laureen Williamson

Towards the end of 2011, work commenced on a 1.1/2 Store house extension for Mr. & Mrs. Jim Williamson, in Whalsay. The extension is virtually an add on house for the extended family. This project was carried up to a "wind & watertight" stage and pretty much completed by Christmas.

James Cunningham

At the end of of November, 2011, work commenced on the sub-structure for a new house flr Mr. & Mrs. James Cunningham, at Mid Yell. The sub-structure was completed prior to the Festive break, allowing an early start on the super-structure erection at the beginning of January. As the project was only to be completed to a wind and watertight stage, the works were completed before the end of February.

Busta Fire Doors

We were appointed to carry out the upgrading of internal doors at the Busta House Hotel, Busta, Brae to meet the new standards required. This work involved replacing or refurbishing existing bedroom and corridor fire doors, fitting fire and smoke seals and new ironmongery as necessary. The age and character of the buildng, together with the fact that this is a busy hotel, made this a challenging refurbishment, to be completed in sections,which minimised disruption and inconvenience to both residents and staff. [ ]

SIC Kalliness

Shetland Construction & Developments Limited was awarded the Shetland Islands Council project to refurbish [3] timber clad council houses at Kalliness, Weisdale. This project commenced at the beginning of April. The project incorporates the stripping off and replacement of fibre cement roofing slates, stripping off and replacemenct of exterior timber shiplap cladding, including new exterior insulation to external walls, prior to re-cladding. All new treated timber cladding products have been painted prior to installation.

We trust that the Council tenants will benefit from significantly improved insulation value and reduced energy bills, whilst the houses will benefit from a completely new exterior and extended lifespan.

SIC Wirliegert

Shetland Construction & Developments Limited has just about completed the SIC project, at Wirliegert, Aith, to refurbish [3] council houses. The houses had the windows and exterior doors replaced with new product, from Bulter & Mulhern. The fibre cement slates were removed and replaced with new and the harling and failed block-work was taken down and renewed. Manson & Robertson was our sub-contractor for this portion of the works , and, had it not been for the weather conditions experienced, this project would have been completed prior to Christmas.  

SIC Kitchen Replacement

Shetland Construction & Developments Limited has succesfully completed the contract, on behalf of Shetland Islands Council, Housing Department, to remove and replace kitchens in [38] council properties. The contract also included the upgrade of the existing electrical installation, which was carried out by Westside Electrical Services. The attractive replacement kitchen units were supplied by Buildbase. The project was completed on time and under budget, to the satisfaction of all concerned.

Matthew Anderson, Sands of Sound

S.C. & D. Limited completed the new house build for Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Anderson in order that they could take possession in time for Christmas 2012. The bespoke house design, provided by the client, was commence in early summer of 2013. The Plumbing, Heating, Electrical and Decoration works were all undertaken directly by the client.

The new house at Sands of Sound, Lerwick, incorporates heating via an Air Source Heat Pump and pipe-work incorporated in an insulated and reinforced in-situ concrete floor slab.

All windows and door-sets were supplied by Bulter & Mulhern, which are highlighted in the attractive Lounge complete with vaulted ceiling.

Stuart & Allison Fitzsimmons

The contract to build a new house for Mr. Stuart & Mrs. Allison Fitzsimmons was completed in May 2013. The Plumbing and Heating system was installed by L&S Hunter and comprised an electric boiler operating the under-floor heating installation in a "biscuit" floor construction. The domestic hot water was heated using an Ecocent cylinder, which also provides an element of Heat Recovery. The electrical installation was completed by DC Electrics and the preliminary decoration was carried out by Anderson & Cluness. Mr. & Mrs. Fitzsimmons were fairly "hands-on" and painted all of the exterior timber cladding and balustrading etc., as well as carrying out the final interior decoration works, themselves. This house also incorporates a range of windows by Norwood, together with our first use of Rationel patio doors, which have proved to be well up to the challenge of Shetland weather.

Mike & Kathy Greaves

The second house build for Mr. & Mrs. Greaves ["Cartref", Scatness] was commenced towards the end of 2012. The sub-structures were completed to ensure that the project would not be held up by the difficulties of inclement weather over the winter period. The house-build commenced, in earnest, in mid January 2013. The build followed a similar pattern to the first house "Caergarth", incorporating under-floor heating pipe-work, included within a "bisuit" floor construction, heated via an Air Source Heat Pump. There are also solar panels, supplied and installed by Pure Energy and E&H Heating & Ventilation, and a whole house Heat Recovery System to compliment the heating installation. The build was completed in mid June. The electrical sub-contractor was DC Electrics and the plumbing and heating sub-contracor was E&H Heating and Ventilation, providing consistency and continuity with the original house build. The internal decoration was carried out, to a very acceptable level, by Malcolm Smith, who also happens to be the clients' son in law.

Busta House Hotel - Block-work

During the spring of this year, one of the newest elemement/wings of Busta House Hotel, built during the 1970's, was displaying all of the indications of severe concrete block failure. The wet dash harling was detatching itself from the block-work, to the two storey building, becoming a potential hazard. Following our investigation, we found that the blocks used, at the time of the original construction, were indeed beginning to deteriorate, rapidly. The exterior skin of block-work was carefully taken down and replaced with new, before the wet dash harlling was renewed by McKay & Sinclair. All work was carried out without having to resort to closing any part of the hotel and with minimal disruption to the hotel's clients. Whilst the scaffolding was insitu, the client took the opportunity of having some of the rainwater goods and slates, replaced with new.

Harry Clarke & Jamie Jamieson, Walls

The project to complete a small development of [2] bespoke houses, designed by Peter Johnson Partnership, was completed in Marxh 2014. Harry's house has a more traditional in appearance, 'L' shaped bungalow, complete with a slate finished roof. Jamies's house is larger 'H' shaped house with concrete roof tiles. harry's house incorporates Rationel, aluminium clad windows while Jamie opted for PVC triple glazed windows from a mainland supplier. Both houses have under-floor heating, incorporated within an in-situ concrete floor slab, heated with air source heat pumps.

The plumbing and heating work was completed by L&S Hunter, the Electical work by DC Electrics and the decoraton works by Malcolm Smith.

I am glad to say that all parties are happy with the final product.

Freefield Chemist, Lerwick

SC&D Ltd. was appointed to carry out the refurbishment of the Feefield Chemist, by chemist owner Torquil Clyde. Redman & Sutherland carried out the design work, working closely with Torquil, whose experience in chemist refurbishment is extensive. Arch. Henderson was responsible for the structural engineering works. The refurbishment of this old building was more complicated than originally anticipated as a result of the undermine foundations and the 'sagging' supports for the flats above. Torquil is particularly "hands on" and project managed the project himself.

The project included the installation of a dispensary 'robot', undoubtedly the first in Shetland, which dispenses prescription remotely. The entrance door was replaced with an electrically operated automatic sliding door. The interior has been refurbished to bring the chemist into line with modern mainland outlets.

Although the project took longer than expected, the final result has met with the approval of the client and customers alike.

Busta House Hotel, Replacement Windows

Sc&D Ltd. carried out a pilot scheme, for Busta House Hotel, to strip out a number of 'suspect' single glazed windows anjd replace with new double glazed windows. The project was completed in accordance with the client's requirements and to their satisfaction during the summer of 2014.

Tom Robertson, Burra

The contract to complete this new house build for Tom Robertson was handed over in July 2014. This 1.1/2 storey timber framed, timber clad house enjoys some very attractive seaward views. Tom, although working overseas, periodically, during the build, was very keen to be involved with the build. He arranged his own civils works and plumbing and heating installation. He was also happy to be "hands on" in respect of the exterior decoration of the house. DC Electrics carried out the electrical installation and Malcolm Smith carried out the interior decoration works. 

Cullivoe Primary School, Yell

SC&D Ltd. caried out the roofing works associated with the Cullivoe Primary School, in Yell. The existing slated roof was in a shocking state and required to be stripped off and replaced with new natural slates. All this work had to be carried out within the rtestricted timescale of the summer holidays. The building was scaffolded by Access Scaffolding and all other works were carried out by SC&D Ltd. the project was completed on time and the client was happy with the performance and the results.

50 Haldane Burgess Crescent, Lerwick

SC&D Ltd., completed the refurbishment of the coucil owned property at 50 Haldane Burgess Crescent. This house was badly in need of modernisation, refurbishment and redecoration. We installed insulation throughout, together with a new Dimplex heating installation and kitchen. The Bathroom was refurbished and lined, throughout, with 'wet wall' to provide a wet room. DC Electrics carried out the electrical works, L&S Hunter carried out the plumbing works and Malcolm Smith and Stewart Tomlinson shared the decoration works [due to holidays]. Due the the condition of the existing chimney, it was also taken down and the roof made good. Access Scaffolding provided the roof access. The whole project was completed on schedule, within programme and budget, in 10 weeks, much to the satisfaction of the SIC Housing Department.

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