Professional Supervision

Shetland Construction and Developments Ltd is using, where deemed necessary, an independent Professional Supervisor, provided by a fully qualified and experienced Shetland based Quantity and Valuation Surveyor.

As part of this service, acknowledged and approved by the lending institutions, this Surveyor will also provide a six year warranty, in respect of the new house, as monitored and inspected by his practice.
This package can be more readily tailored to suit each client''s specific requirements. We, together with the various mortgage providers, are satisfied that this six year warranty is more than adequate in respect of potential faults or latent defects.
This service and insurance policy is an optional extra service, which is charged directly to the client, although its value, if required, can be incorporated within the contract quotation. This ensures that all of the documentation is in the name of the client. Shetland Construction & Developments Limited is not party to the contract between the client and insurer, thus ensuring true independence. and that the company has no influence over, or input in, the warranty''s production or content.
We believe that this local service, with timed site visits, is a better and more cost effective service than the alternative approved options, and also provides you, the client, with absolute peace of mind.

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