We are determined to provide all Clients with a competitively priced service, which will continue to attract a similar testament to performance and quality, as our first build.

We have a relatively small number of standard house designs; however, we are more than happy to amend any of those patterns and/or help produce, and price projects, to our Clients'' own specific design requirements and specifications.

We treat all customers to the same level of service. Shetland Construction & Developments Limited takes pride in providing absolute transparency, particularly with regard to project costs. Clients are kept fully appraised of cost variations, up or down, and where possible, prior to their expenditure, thus giving the Client the opportunity to decline variations and prioritise expenditure as their project progresses. Most importantly, we do not want our Clients to experience the discomfort of facing unexpected additional costs at the end of the contract. S.C.&D. Ltd. aim to make the house build process as stress free as possible.

On completion, S.C.&D. Ltd. provide each house build client with a ''welcome pack'', which incorporates details for operation and maintenance of the component parts of the house build, together with a list of the relevant contractors employed and their respective contact details.

If you are satisfied that Shetland Construction & Developments Limited can provide you with the service you require, we would be very pleased to receive your enquiry and trust that our subsequent, free of obligation, quotation meets with you approval.

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